What we learned from TEDxWomen

TED is a global set of talks related to technology, entertainment, and design. The speakers often move listeners to tears and spark social action — and they do it in 18 minutes or less! Jen and I recently attended a TEDx conference here in Austin (x=independently organized). And let me tell you, it was one […]

It’s been a great first year!

When we started dreaming up Brand Happy during SXSW last year, we were really excited … and nervous … but mostly excited! It’s been a lot of hard work, but more than that, it’s because of AWESOME people like you that we exist. Whether you’re visiting our website for the first time or you’ve worked […]

Kanji: A Unique, Free Font

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” is an old adage that we’re all familiar with. Although it is hard to get something for nothing these days, some people are still willing to give knowledge, goods, and services just because. We recently stumbled across this awesome free font and wanted to share! It’s […]

Why is photography important in marketing?

For many businesses, visual branding starts and stops with logo design. I won’t argue that creating a logo is one of the most important steps in building a brand, but budgeting for professional photography is just as important. Sadly though, it is often an afterthought. So, why is it important? Communicate your brand personality Images […]

Top 5 reasons to choose Brand Happy

(5.) You like green tea lattes. Looking for someone to help you with your logo or website? Let us buy you a green tea latte and tell us all about it. Get in touch here. (coffee’s cool, too, if you don’t like green tea lattes) (4.) You want to get the biggest bang for your […]

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