Our Process

Although every project is different, there are four important steps in how we work.


The first step is for us to meet you! We want to know what you like and what’s important to you. Then, we take what we’ve learned, put together first concepts, and bring them back to get your initial feedback. It’s our favorite part of the process because it’s when we really get to know what makes you tick.


Once we’ve gotten your feedback, we apply it to everything you have hired us to create for you. This is the step where we lock ourselves away and work hard to create pieces that you’ll love. But that doesn’t mean we are out of touch. We’re always happy to talk to you at any time throughout the process.


Now you get to see what we’ve been up to. We’ll meet, show you what we’ve come up with, and get your reaction. If we’ve done our job right, you won’t be able to help yourself from wanting to sneak an extra peek throughout the day. It’s ok to get a little obsessed… that means we’re on the right track!


Once we’ve worked out all the kinks and both of us are happy, we start officially implementing your new look. We code things, tweak the little bits that might still need tweaking, and then deliver the final product to you… so you can deliver it to your customers!

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