TED is a global set of talks related to technology, entertainment, and design. The speakers often move listeners to tears and spark social action — and they do it in 18 minutes or less!

Jen and I recently attended a TEDx conference here in Austin (x=independently organized). And let me tell you, it was one of the most inspiring events I’ve ever attended. Here are a few ideas that resonated with me:

(1.) Extraordinary things come from a culmination of ordinary steps.

from Laura Shay

(2.) If there’s something you want, give it away. Love. Money. Hugs. 5-star reviews.

from Honorée Corder

(3.) A successful person doesn’t stumble upon a brilliant idea within the confines of an office. The spark usually starts when you are out having coffee with a colleage, or talking to a coworker at happy hour.

from Patti DeNucci

(4.) By encouraging others, you will find courage in yourself.

from Ron West

(5.) Collaboration is lasting.

from Stephanie Price

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